Our very first business sign! 4/5/2019

What the property looked like when we started 4/10/2019

Taking the buildings down 4/12/2019

Aerial view of the property after the buildings are knocked down courtesy of Dan Viehmann Landscaping 4/14/2019

Clearing out the foliage 4/23/2019

Wood's Excavating Company getting started on our parking lot 5/5/2019 

We hit ledge and needed to blast. Each of the black cups is a hole with a stick of dynamite! 5/29/2019

Boom! This is what blasting ledge looks like!

This is what it looks like after blasting, lots of rubble! 05/30/2019

CMP hooking our power up 6/04/2019

Troy building our retaining wall, Troy is awesome! 6/10/2019

Colin Hunt with CGH Electric standing the light poles 6/27/2019

Castle Golf has started on the volcano!! 6/27/2019

The lower pond being built 7/05/2019

Close up of lower pond 7/05/2019

Volcano making progress! 7/5/2019

Does anyone remember the movie "Joe versus the Volcano"? This is Joe, he's building our volcano. 7/08/2019 

Ooooh A huge bank shot, this one looks like it's going to be fun!

Castle Golf company doing what they do best......building awesome mini golf features. Here they are forming the walls for the lower pond.

More work to be done but Castle Golf is on the hustle bus and it's starting to come together! 07/25

T-rex coming off the truck

John Deere had all it could do to pull this t-rex around

Allosaurus, he doesn't have his legs under him yet, just like the T-rex

T-Rex up close

Ahhhhh I'm losing an arm over here!!

Awwww it's a baby!!

Allosaurus going to his new home on the bobcat!!

They look so real!!

8/14 Almost done! Castle Golf is putting in an amazing effort to get us open as quickly as possible!! Dan Viehmann landscaping is working overtime to make the course beautiful! See you all as soon as we can, and  please stay tuned for updates on our offical opening day!!


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